Why vegan?

Vegetarian vs Vegan
(It’s not a fight)

The group’s aims align with the social movement toward a vegan world.
Vegans have often, but not always, been vegetarian for many years before coming to see that their beliefs are not fulfilled by vegetarianism and vegans rarely return to vegetarianism. This is always due to new learning, new understanding; it is often described as finally living with our eyes open, an enlightenment. Vegetarianism is usually seen as a diet, primarily about food and animal welfare and, culturally, it is seen as a first step toward living cruelty-free and it can be. Crucially, vegetarianism is presented by our culture and society as a kind of mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship between humans and some animals, mostly farm animals. Veganism is a different way of thinking, of being – it is a philosophy embraced by those who see that that relationship does not exist, it is a lie. For example dairy and wool farm animals suffer as much if not greater abuse than animals bred for meat. For some that realisation, that open eyes moment happens overnight for others it takes time.

There are many ways to advocate for animals and they all matter, they all have impact and there is strength in this varied approach. For this family oriented group it a supportive approach with inspiration and education at its core. There are many places for Shropshire vegans to advocate solely for veganism and to be involved in direct action and this group supports them; many of our members are active in these other groups. But this group is a place for vegetarians too – new vegetarians especially who need a place to feel safe and learn about different ways of living. This group was set up to welcome everyone – including omnivores who are considering making changes or want to learn for their children. It is a place to learn, for vegans to inspire and encourage and teach. The group’s purpose is at it’s essence, two fold – outreach and support – support for all members and outreach to new.

To understand more about the vegan philosophy we have listed some great resources on our Think vegan? page