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Shropshire Veggies & Vegans

We are Friends.

Connected together.

We are challenging the status quo.

We are full of Hope.

We are Unstoppable and Determined.

We are the Voice for the vulnerable, for the voiceless, for the Animals. Always.

We are Brave.

We are having Fun.

We are Striving for Change, for Freedom and for Peace.

We are Trailblazers.

We are Compassionate, Kind and Passionate people.

We are the Shropshire Veggies and Vegans.

" The changes in Vegetarian and Vegan food options are so exciting - Even better when they are promoted so widely like Shropshire Veggies & Vegans".

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We have regular stalls at events in the summer promoting veganism at places like the Cuan Open Day, Newport Food Frenzy and Ludlow Green Fair.

In the past we have done numerous street stalls around Shropshire ranging from giving out love hearts to remember animals need love too on mothers day to giving out plant milk samples on world vegan day.

Members are actively encouraged to arrange social events and in the past people have met up in local veggie and vegan cafes and had picnics and bbq's.

We occasionally have food tastings of things like different vegan cheese and chocolate.

We meet at as many local and regional events as possible

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We are always looking for volunteers to promote veganism in the county.

Whether it be to help with our social media, volunteer at events, organise social get togethers or create information packs for new vegans.

If you are interested in any of these then please email: admin@shropveg.org.uk

We value our local support - It makes us what we are

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